Kaskade Sun Soaked - Review

With Summer in full-force, what would be better than spending the day at the beach on a Saturday afternoon in July in Southern California? Add Kaskade into that mix and you have the perfect Summer event. With everyone waiting for a follow up to last year’s incredible show at the LA Convention center, tickets sold out within one minute of being on sale (both during pre-sale and general). I unfortunately missed the memo about there being a pre-sale since it was a few days after I had come back from EDC. However, I was lucky enough to get the final tier in pricing two days later. Although final tier pricing came in at $91 including service fees and taxes, I was still excited to see what Kaskade had to bring to the table this year.

The venue was one that I was unfamiliar with at Alamitos Beach. I was unsure as to what to expect since I had never previously attended any event at the beach. However, I turned to the website and other friends that have attended similar shows and I was excited to learn that the venue would be taking place on the sand, so sandals, beach attire, towels, and sunblock were absolutely necessary. With support from Bynon, Lipless, Ravell, SNBRN, and Gryffin this was sure to be an event to remember.     

My group and I arrived around 3:30 PM and with no surprise, the line was already a mile long. Despite the long line, it actually moved fairly quickly and we made our entry into the venue with ease. Kaskade’s openers got the crowd pumped as everyone eagerly awaited the start of Kaskade’s 3 hour set (which ran 6-9 PM). However, the daytime proved to be rather brutal since the venue had virtually no shade except small tents with a handful misters for attendees to cool down. Issues from the LA Convention Center also showed up at this event, which was the fact that were was one singular bar stand and a line that never moved for those 21 and older to get alcoholic beverages. One of the only benefits of VIP that I could speculate was a faster moving bar line. Though that line looked long as well, however, not as disorganized and hectic. I felt as if I was reliving the beer garden line at the convention center again.

Finally, the time had finally come for Kaskade to perform. I was taken back by the various classic songs he was playing throughout the duration of his set. Most notably for my group and I was “4 AM” which was one of the first songs that initially got me into the EDM. Kaskade also brought some of his more recent music to the table as well, such as songs from his “Automatic” album. This served as the perfect mix of bringing me back in time to early Kaskade, to more modern Kaskade. As our evening came to a close, we were left in awe from his magical set. However, we were exhausted and ready to head home.  

Although many of these shows are one time events, I definitely feel that more attention to planning and detail could have gone into it. The bar situation is never one that seems to be organized, not at least in my past two experiences. At the LA Convention Center there was one line for the beer garden that was out of control and over a "mile" long. Some attendees reported waiting over 2 hours and in the end not getting into the beer garden at all. Last year should have had an open beer garden, and this year’s event should have had multiple bar stations. Luckily, water and food was easy to access. Though shade was not as issue at Kaskade LA, it certainly was at Alamitos Beach. If there were to be another repeat of a beach event, more options to get away from the sun would be essential. Despite these inconveniences, I still had a great time at my first beach event, and would love to see the return of this same concept in the future.

Were you at this legendary Summer event? Let me know in the comments below!