Ass Eating Contest

Meet Brett Fabina - The Legend Behind The Lost Lands "ASS Eating" Contest

From the volcanic pyro-technics that left the stage a blaze, to the viral "Ass Eating Contest", Lost Lands is easily going down as the festival to remember, and for many of us, the festival we wished we attended in 2017.

After posting many of the viral videos and photos from the Ass Eating Contest, many comments via social media spoke out to us in defense about how positive and amazing Brett and his crew really were. We thought it would be best to let Brett Fabina tell us what really happened at Lost Lands.

The internet is calling your camps event, the Lost Lands "Ass Eating" Contest. What really went down, and how did this come about?

Everything was pre-planned, but Booty Sundae's was something I came up with as a joke. It wasn't something where people were actually licking each others asses. Although there was one guy who seemed to get in there. We only did it for laughs. It was something that wasn't sexual, and even I was on the table at one point too. We just had fun, did weird shit, and thought licking whipped cream off each others cheeks would be funny.

Brett partaking in his Booty Sundae.

Brett partaking in his Booty Sundae.

How long have you been hosting Booty Sundae's?

This was the first time I came up with the idea, but we are definitely going to do it again! Next time I'm going to make sure people don't dive in. I mean... dive in, but don't actually lick anyone's ass hole. We just wanted people to have fun and let loose.

Day 3 camping festival booty sounds pretty dangerous. Were these pre or post shower rave booty's?

(LAUGHS) - Yes, we all showered I can promise you that! We woke up early, everyone went and showered, and then we got started!

What was your initial reaction to all the memes, photos, and videos circulating? Admittedly, we posted them as well.

Honestly, I thought it was hilarious, but then it got blown way out of proportion. People thought it was way worse than it actually was. Personally, I don't really care what people think of me so it didn't actually bother me, but I didn't want my group to have any ill effects because the entire event was positive. Nothing was negative about it.

This was an interesting shot of Booty Sundae's. I'm on the table.  Jorge Hinojosa  (My videographer) has his camera in the bottom right. Then you have  Travis Barron  (Head of my media crew # CrystalLotus ) to the left wearing the hat and recording in 4K.  Zair   Hail  from my team on the megaphone.

This was an interesting shot of Booty Sundae's. I'm on the table. Jorge Hinojosa (My videographer) has his camera in the bottom right. Then you have Travis Barron (Head of my media crew #CrystalLotus) to the left wearing the hat and recording in 4K. Zair Hail from my team on the megaphone.

I even hired my own video crew which I am making an after movie on, for both the after party, and the fundraiser we held. We did so much more than Booty Sundae's, but that's what everyone focused on. It made me laugh, but in my mind I wished everyone knew what else we did because we did a lot of really great things.

Your camp provided many other activities. What was held and what were your main objectives for those who attended?

Our main objective was to provide a safe, judgmental free campsite for whoever wanted to use it, and that's exactly what we did. I personally bought 11 additional camping passes, and other members of my group bought a few extra as well. Unfortunately, due to one of the security guards we lost about half of the additional spaces we paid for. 

Photo Credit - Travis Barron ( Crystal Lotus Studios )

Photo Credit - Travis Barron (Crystal Lotus Studios)

I told everyone who stopped by to use the stuff we had, even if we weren't there. That's what it was there for. We had canopy's, chairs, games, extra tents, and a water station. I built a giant Jenga game with fun rules to do whatever the blocks said (take a shot, chug a beer, remove a piece of clothing...). We had giant Twister(15x19) with dicks and hearts called Cock Twister, beer pong tables, and a giant cuddle-puddle ball pit.

Cock Twister

Cock Twister

Ball Pit - Cuddle Puddle

Ball Pit - Cuddle Puddle

Nothing was mandatory or expected, we just had fun games for people to play if they wanted to. We even held a Super Soaker wet T-shirt contest that both men and women participated in.

Everyone has a different goal in mind when attending festivals, but we wanted everyone to have a blast and that's what it was all about. Why go to a festival if it's only for yourself?   

When is your next festival and will you be hosting another Booty Sundae's?

Absolutely! This is going to be at every festival I attend. As long as I am there, there will be Booty Sundae's. As far as my next event, we're going to Electric Forest, Lost Lands 2018, and if Tomorrow World comes back I will definitely be there. I'll also be at Holy Ship! in January. I might even try to pull off Booty Sundae's there as well.

What was the turnout to your after-parties, and was it as anticipated?

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. We either thought it was going to go really well, or it would flop. We made a page online to promoted it so a lot of people knew about it, but it could have been bigger. It's definitely going to be much bigger next time!

A few DJ's even stopped by for a bit. Space Jesus, Downlinks brother Dusty came by and pretended to be Downlink which was hilarious(he drew a dick on my shirt). I heard BTSM and Figure stopped by, but I can't verify those two as I was sleeping.

Did you receive any feedback from those who participated with your camp activities? 

Yes. Everyone who came up to me, thanked us, and said they felt safe and welcome, and said the vibe was unlike anything they had ever seen. Even till today, I am still receiving messages thanking me and wanting to come again next time. We have received so much support. I heard about one noise complaint situation which I didn't like how it was handled, but it wasn't from anyone from our camp. It was unfortunate, but not everyone can be a phenomenal human being at all times. For the most part no one got out of line, and certainly no one officially in our crew.

One thing I was very strict on was respect. #1 respecting the women, especially with Booty Sundae's, I didn't want anyone to feel disrespected, pressured, or uncomfortable. I wanted everyone to be completely safe, and I didn't want anyone stopping by to feel disrespected. It was supposed to be for fun, and all love.

According to your post on the Lost Lands Facebook page, your camp was able to raise $2,255 for Hurricane relief. Was this in conjunction with Booty Sundae's and how was the fundraiser organized?

No. Booty Sundae's had nothing to do with the fundraiser, we did it on a totally different day. That was just us messing around and having fun.

Boof Crew Cookout.jpg

For the first two days of the festival we worked towards the fundraiser. We woke up at around 7:30am cooked, served, and cleaned up until 2pm. We worked, but it was fun. The fundraiser was our main purpose. Charlie Bales and Elliot Myers were the two who actually came up with the idea for the fundraiser. As I was coming up with all these ideas to throw this party, they called me up one night and asked how I felt about doing a fundraiser for Hurricane relief because Irma had just hit. I loved the idea, and we instantly started looking at charities. My friend Susan Quick was the one who connected us with Feeding Florida. As of today we have raised $2,300. Charlie and Clair Koellhoffer were my #1's as they cooked and helped me run everything!

Fundraiser: Chef -   Clair Koellhoffer

Fundraiser: Chef - Clair Koellhoffer

Fundraiser: Chef -    Charlie Bales

Fundraiser: Chef - Charlie Bales

Donor signitures for  Feeding Florida

Donor signitures for Feeding Florida

What was your takeaway from the first Lost Lands, and how do you feel it compares to other camping festivals you have attended?

I think every festival is unique in its own way, but this one was special. When I walked in on Friday, my mind was blown. I knew it was going to be amazing because Excision always goes above and beyond, and always outdoes himself. Sure, you have festivals like EDC and Tomorrow World where their stages are the size of a football fields and the production is amazing with all the fireworks which is always bigger and better, but as far as lights and visuals, I've never seen anything like Lost Lands. It was incredible.

A group photo of most of our group in front of the Paradox stage.

A group photo of most of our group in front of the Paradox stage.

What made it even better, was that Jeff really cares about the people and you can see it directly. We have all experienced some issues with security who at times can be dicks, but Jeff actually did something about it. I heard he fired several security guards due to how poorly they treated some of the attendees. The fact that he went out of his way to make sure everyone was safe and comfortable was wonderful. On Sunday night he came out and told everyone to make sure that they clean up after themselves, and to make sure nothing was left behind.

When was your first music festival and when did you first fall in love with dance music?  

I fell in love with dance music when I was a child. I was 12 years old listening to Benny Benassi and Basshunter. I loved it. I didn't have a computer yet or anything so I wasn't open to much, but as soon as I was 14, I remember playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and hearing a Skrillex remix of Cinema and I just started looking up more music. I eventually found Excision and thought it was great! My first show ever was an Excision show, which I think back then was only like 50,000 watts at the time. This was before the Paradox and before Executioner when he only had a small X on the stage that he DJ'd behind. It wasn't near what it is now, but it was crazy, and I loved it. I think that's why Lost Lands meant so much to me.

My first festival ever was in 2012 called Starscape in Baltimore. It was only a one day festival till the morning where I saw Zedd before he blew up with Clarity, along with Dadalife.

What DJ(s) would you want to see at Lost Lands 2018?

Honestly, I loved the lineup this year. Those were some of my favorite artists. The return of Ganja would be great, and I know Jauz isn't incredibly heavy but I would still love to see Jauz at LL18!

Bring good vibes and come say hello if you see their flag waving at your next festival!

Photo Credit - Travis Barron ( Crystal Lotus Studios )

Photo Credit - Travis Barron (Crystal Lotus Studios)

The dick  Downlinks  brother Dusty drew on my shirt... Thanks!

The dick Downlinks brother Dusty drew on my shirt... Thanks!

If you want to join the next party feel free to join their FB page the "Lost Lands/EForest Family ORGY Festival Afterparty". We wanted a name that sounded rediculous, it's not an actual orgy ;) Only positive vibes are welcome!

Event Photographers: Travis BarronJorge Hinojosa, Jeffery Von Fox, and Alan Joseph.