The Lost Lands Music Festival Experience

Let me start by saying that I did not know what to expect when I decided to go to Lost Lands. A dubstep festival hosted by the legendary DJ Excision. In Ohio, and dinosaur themed??? Lets just say however high my hopes were, they were completely exceeded. From the realistic life size dinosaurs that were made just for this festival (the Velociraptors made sounds!), to the $2 waters (say whaaaaat!?), to Excision asking if we had any complaints or had anything we needed help with and actually responding. He found solutions to the problems and helped his attendees in real time, I was thoroughly impressed with Lost Lands.

Lost Lands - Photo Credit: OHDAGYO Photography

Lost Lands - Photo Credit: OHDAGYO Photography

When we arrived, there were a few different stations for car searches, we waited maybe 30 minutes max. The search was quick and the staff was super nice and helpful. They let us know where we needed to go to wait for the rest of our group to camp together. There were some complaints of search staff being rude and hostile, although thankfully my friends and I didn’t experience any of that. I read on the Excision's Headbangers Facebook page, that he fired 13 people that he received complaints about from the early campers on Thursday. Super awesome how he listened to his attendees and made sure everything was fixed and continued to run smoothly.

The camping area was massive, although the individual spaces received (per car) seemed smaller than expected. It was big enough for three of us to comfortably camp, but I don’t know how we would have made it work if we had 6 people in our group, which was the max per pass... There were two stages, Cave of Souls and The Prehistoric Paradox stage. I was super happy that there was absolutely no sound bleeding, and the DJs at both stages were equally awesome. My personal favorites were Sullivan King at the Cave of Souls, Snails and Cookie Monsta at main stage.

Snails #VomitSquad

Snails #VomitSquad

The vibes were awesome, everyone was nice and helpful, just genuinely enjoying themselves. I spent most of Saturday at the alley rail at main stage. There is NOTHING like being at the rail at a dubstep show. So much energy, so many smiles and people that are diehards for whatever DJ is playing… Saturday was my favorite day, although I had just as much fun every single day of the festival.

Video Credit: Sam Hunter

We were in the middle of watching Destroid when I noticed one of the volcanos caught fire while the other didn’t. I realized it wasn’t part of the show at about the same time others around me realized it too. The show was stopped and attendees on the left side facing the stage were asked to step back 20 paces. Everything was handled very quick and efficiently, and the show continued about 30 minutes later. The volcano's were no longer used for the rest of the night which wasn’t a biggie because the visuals on screen and lasers were amazing!

Ohio Event Staff had to reinforce the rails in the alley on Saturday because they were being lifted during Snails set. Vomit Squad goes hard!!! It was handled quickly, although they had to come back a few times and ended up asking us to not hold onto the rails anymore because it was still lifting with all the reinforcements in place. One thing I was not prepared for at all was the cold. During the day it was perfectly warm, lots of sunshine, no humidity nor rain. The perfect summer festival weather. At night it was about 40 degrees. Thank goodness we had lots of blankets, and I had my personal space heater/boyfriend extraordinaire (Thanks Roo!). It was so cold that we had to come back from the festival to our campsite to change into warmer clothes, aka two pairs of leggings, my boyfriend’s sweats, two long sleeve shirts and two hoodies. I was still quite cold with all those layers but after raging and having some drinks we were fine.

AndROO  and  Me !

AndROO and Me!

My only issue was with the showers. Shower times were from 12 noon to 6pm. I usually like showering early in the morning or late at night but it wasn’t possible which sucked. There were some problems with the showers on Saturday which were shut down before we arrived. We had to use baby wipes which was not cool at all, but we survived lol. The showers on Sunday were hot and the water pressure was perfect, although we waited two hours to get in, it was still worth it.

Overall, we had an AMAZING time at Lost Land Music Festival. This is a festival that I will not miss. The vibes reminded me of TomorrowWorld and Electric Forest. The attention to details and the overall quality of sound and epic lineup has definitely set Lost Lands apart from other festivals in the US, and I am so happy I attended the very first one. See y’all at Lost Lands 2018!

Lost Lands - Photo Credit: RUKES

Lost Lands - Photo Credit: RUKES

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Header photo source: RUKES