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Every raver’s favorite time of year is in full swing. Festival Season kicked off with events such as CRSSD, Beyond Wonderland, BUKU, Okeechobee, Ultra Music Festival and with many more in the months that follow including Coachella, Dreamstate SF, and our home away from home, EDC Las Vegas.

With all these festivals ahead of us, you will need a few things to enhance your experience. After all, it is key to be prepared, especially for multi-day events. I have found that by bringing these essential items have provided comfort, convenience, and an overall better experience. Here are my top suggestions that I cannot rave without... and a few additional items you may want to check out.


I can not express how thankful I have been to have had this on my person at every event. Face it, your phone is bound to run out of juice at some point. Taking photos, videos, and sending out messages to your friends can and will drain your battery. A well charged phone will save you many headaches, particularly towards the end of your festival experience when you’re trying to find your friends, or request your rides. Finally, you’ll have plenty of more time to record your favorite sets!


This is an absolute essential on my list. Water bottles are permitted into festivals as long as they are empty upon entry, and you’ll be able to refill them at free water stations. They are small, easy to carry, and a durable one only costs about $10-$15. If you don't like the idea of having to constantly refill your bottle, invest in a Hydration pack.


I recommend these four different options: A Solar Backpack, Hydration Pack, A small one or two compartment "classic" backpack, and/or, a hands free fanny pack. (Be sure to check your festivals bag size requirements.)

  • I highly recommend BirkSun solar backpacks for any camping festival where you won’t have much access to a power outlet. What they offer in short is a backpack with a built in solar panel and battery to charge what you need when you need it. For all day sunny festivals such as Coachella, and LIB(Lightning In A Bottle), this will keep your phone charged all weekend.

  • Vibedration is a personal rave favorite of mine and staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. Vibedration’s backpacks provide you with a stylish way of remaining healthy and happy throughout the duration of your festival experience. It eliminates the need to continuously buy expensive water bottles, and can easily be refilled at the free water stations.

  • On a budget? A simple backpack has proven to always be practical and useful for me. It provides a space to store items you periodically use and small articles of clothing such as a sweater for when the sun goes down. If you already have one for school, use that. If you're looking to be completely hands free, a fanny pack will be easily accessible, safe, and in front at all times.


  • When you’re dancing for hours on end in the heat, chapped lips are inevitable. Buy a 3-pack of Chapstick at your local pharmacy, supermarket, or drug store. A three pack will provide you one sealed lip moisturizer for each day of the festival. Trust me, you don’t want dry lips in 100 degree weather. Stick to a medicated chapstick if possible, but any should do.

  • As festivals don't allow opened packs of gum, buy a couple packs for each day of the festival. Gum allows you to keep fresh breath throughout the day and can help keep you alert for the drive home or back to the hotel.


No one likes getting a sunburn. A simple SPF 50+ lotion or spray will save your skin and keep you comfortable during and after the festival weekend.

6. FAN:

There is no air-conditioning within large crowds at massive. A fan will bring you the fresh air you need, when you need it.


I don't think I need to explain this one... but these items will save your life in any festival porta potty.


Depending on the type of festival you will be attending, many outdoor festivals can kick up quite a lot of dust which can lead to getting sick, or respiratory problems. Better to be safe then sorry.


They aren't for everyone, but if you're looking to keep your ear's in tact for a lifetime of festival attendance then I recommend getting a good pair of ear plugs that minimize the volume without decreasing the quality of sound. They can vary vastly in price, but here are a few recommended options below. 


Prepare for the unexpected. When attending festivals in a large group and staying at a nearby hotel, keeping an extra room key will grant you access to your room whether your group is with you or not. Groups often get separated, make sure you're prepared to find your own way back and enter the room on your own.


In my past festival experiences, carrying cash has made purchasing merchandise, food, and drinks much simpler and faster than swiping my credit or debit card. Keep in mind some vendors may not accept your card, and may only take cash. Lines for ATM machines can be long and will charge a hefty service fee. Save yourself the time, and money!


A festival essential isn’t always something that you need to bring. Renting a locker is a great investment and you can always share one with a friend. Throughout my experience there comes a time where I simply no longer need to carry my wallet. A locker provides a safe space for all of your valuables so you won't have to worry about losing them. Many lockers also have a universal charger inside. In the past, and during colder events, I store pants, jackets, and other articles of clothing, just in case.

Additional Suggested Items:

FESTIVALPAK: Instead of individually buying everything you need, this 11-item kit provides all the essential items you need for a music festival weekend. Perfect for a newbie or veteran wanting to survive a music festival so that you can concentrate on the music and have a great time.  Every item included has been carefully selected by a team of festival-goers to ensure you have a good time without breaking the bank. This kit will ensure your phone is charged and your body is hydrated the whole time!

Items included in the Festivalpak

Portable Phone Powerbank Charger, HydraMate's Foldable BPA-Free Water bottle, Bandana Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel, 3-in-1 Universal Phone Fisheye Lens, Banana Boat® Sport Sunblock SPF3, Universal Phone USB Fan, UGREEN Premium Headphone Splitter, Hand Sanitizer, SPF 30 Organic Lip Balm, Emergen-C Electrolyte Mix (2pc).

Fully customizable festival kits.

Fully customizable festival kits.

What you'll get with this FESTIVALPAK.

What you'll get with this FESTIVALPAK.

VANSKY AIR LOUNGER: Great for any weekend long festival experience. There are many variations of the air lounger, but our recommendation is the Vansky Inflatable Air Lounger. It's affordable ($36 on Amazon), light weight (2.5lbs), and is equipped with a head rest, pockets, and drink holder.

QUBE TENT: Although a bit pricey($250-$320), this is a great tent is quick to set up(2 min) and is quick to pack out. It can combine with other QUBE's to create a network of tents with your friends and comes with add on's such as a solar panel/power bank and an LED light strip to illuminate the tent.

Check it out:   Indiegogo-Qube Tent

Check it out: Indiegogo-Qube Tent

GOTenna: This device gives you text and GPS on your phone, with no service required. These worked like a charm at EDC Las Vegas, and we expect they would just about anywhere else. A pair sells for $149(4-pack $289), but this little device will allow you to message your friends in highly congested areas.

Check it out :  www.gotenna.com

Check it out: www.gotenna.com

This next item is FOR HER :)

GOGIRL: No one likes having to sit down in a porta potty. GOGIRL is a urinating device which allows you to stand. It's made from medical grade silicone, and can be washed and re-used.

Check it out:   https://go-girl.com/

Check it out: https://go-girl.com/

Do you have any suggestions for items or products I may be missing out on? What are YOUR festival essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Key Steps To Maintaining Positive Vibes At Your Next Festival

The dance music festival environment has been rapidly changing which has led to frustration for many ravers along the way. But who or what is to blame? Is it Social Media, is it the “new-raver,” or the person who is there for the “wrong” reasons - and what are the right reasons? There are several factors that go into creating the perfect vibe at any particular event, but we all have our own individual sentiment on how a dance music festival should be. With the rapid explosion of EDM popularity, it’s easy to understand why the environment within the rave community is changing. If you happen to be one of the frustrated ones (and you’re not alone), then this short list could help you maintain a positive vibe and attitude at every festival you attend.

1) Patience, Patience, Patience!

We’ve all been there. You waited an eternity sitting in traffic and you’ve finally arrived at the festival so now you’re extra excited to see your favorite DJ. You run to the event with your friends and get there just in time to realize… so is everyone else! There’s a massive line to enter the gates and people are NOT happy! But what can you do? That’s right, RUSH THE GATES! That was a joke. Please don’t ever do that. Nothing says patience like stampeding your fellow ravers in an attempt to get in 10 minutes early with the risk of getting kicked out or arrested. Instead, exercise your ability to be patient. YOU WILL GET INSIDE, just not always as soon as you hoped. So don’t let this ruin your night, or anyone else around you who may be feeding off of the negative energy surrounding you.

2) Arrive Early.

Showing up early can help you avoid having to deal with long entry lines altogether. I know many of us like to pre-game and arrive fashionably late, but with rising festival costs, consider it financially beneficial to arrive early while getting the most out of your wallet and the festival experience. This is also a great time to go inside with your friends, get a feel for the venue, and a good opportunity to make new friends before it gets too crazy. Familiarizing yourself with the venue while it’s relatively early can help you to avoid potential pitfalls by finding meet-up spots, stages, restroom, and, worst case scenario, the medic tent. It’s always better to be safe then sorry.

3) Respect the Staff and Volunteers.

Some of the people working hard to make these events happen are not even getting paid. Respect that and listen to them. It’s not going to make your night or theirs go any better if you decide to not comply with what they have been trained to tell you. The ticket scanners are not trying to deliberately spite you with any potential system or computer glitches. When dealing with staff, know that things may go wrong. Ticket scanners may stop functioning, the system could cut out, the festival crew could be short staffed for whatever reason, a change in weather could affect logistics, and if you’re lucky enough to have to deal with Will Call you may get stuck with all of the above - but don’t fret, or get upset with the workers; know that these things happen, and if you frequent many festivals you‘ve learned that they often do. Whatever it is, know that the staff is working extra hard to resolve every issue within their power. Try your best to brighten their day and your own through mutual respect. Enjoy the experience safely, and responsibly.

4) Understanding.

As the rave scene rapidly expands, the festival environment is becoming more diverse with the influx of new festival-goers. Whether you’re a new raver or consider yourself O.G., taking the time to understand this new shift in environment (as well as past traditions) is crucial to maintaining positive vibes at each and every festival you attend. Remember, it starts with YOU! More and more you may find yourself crossing paths with someone who may have never attended a rave, or is not even familiar with the culture. Depending on the circumstances, it can be easy to ruffle someone’s feathers, so taking time to try and understand where they may be coming from can help maintain your own positive mindset. A rave is a place where all are welcome, so if someone happens to rub you the wrong way, take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. We all come from different walks of life, with different beliefs, and differing tastes in music so introduce yourself, but don’t force it. Some people don’t like being bothered, which is completely up to them. This also tends to be the case for many newcomers who might be a little weirded out by the whole thing. They may be experiencing it for the first time, so don’t scare them by getting in their face, even if it is with your bubbly personality :) If you happen to be someone who gets a little freaked out when a glover (those “glowy finger dancers”) starts wiggling their hands in your face, don’t get angry.  Instead, kindly let them know you’re not interested, they will understand.

Sometimes we experience negativity which makes it easy to confuse where dance music culture is going… but it’s up to us to remember what it’s all about and set the tone for others to follow.

Header photo source: Insomniac Events