Mom's First Rave

Mom's First Rave

This year, I had the pleasure of attending Countdown NYE for the second time in a row. What made this year extra special was being able to share the experience with my mom! After attending Insomniac events for six years, she had never quite understood what keeps me coming back, or why I am so passionate about electronic music. My mom’s first rave was one to remember, as she had a firsthand experience to learn what raves are all about.

My Mom’s Views Prior To Her First Rave

Before attending, my mom had only heard what I had told her from my personal experiences going to previous festivals/events as well as how the media had portrayed them. Her prior views on raves had been shaped as being a fun but not an entirely safe or positive place to be. I had tried to place myself in her shoes, to understand her views as a parent. She had several concerns with me attending music festivals, especially after hearing the news about some of the unfortunate deaths of a few attendees; however, she also understands that I am a safe and responsible person. I have always come back with a positive story to tell about my festival adventures, and the great people I have met along the way. This is what led to her participation…

The Experience

My mom and I had the pleasure of going to Countdown NYE in style… VIP style!  I did not want her to have to deal with the long entry lines, so I made her entry process as smooth as possible. As we entered the NOS Center, my mom’s eyes lit up with excitement as she experienced the beautiful sights and sounds within the venue. As we arrived to the Resolution Stage, she was immediately in awe at the video production. We spent the majority of our evening at this stage, but not before exploring the entire venue, including Vendor Village and the many art installations. The highlight of her night was when Steve Aoki came onto the stage and played what she quoted as “The most energetic and exciting set of the night!”

Truly, she was amazed at how incredibly friendly and accepting the ravers were about her attending her first rave. Many people came up to us to say hello, trade, and even give us hugs. My mom’s immediately asked… “Do you know them?” My answer was “no”, but I continued to explain to her that raves are a place where you can be yourself, meet new people, make friends, and just express positive vibes. At the end of the evening, my mom had said, “There was not a single negative thing or person we came across the entire night, I now understand why you enjoy these events so much.”

Trading Kandi with My Mom - Countdown NYE 2016

Trading Kandi with My Mom - Countdown NYE 2016

Her Thoughts and Views After Attending

To be honest, my mom was EXHAUSTED. Once the event had concluded she asked me, “How do you do this for three days straight?” (Referring to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas); however, despite being tired, she left with nothing but positive thoughts about raving. She may even attend another event during a warmer season. My mom enjoyed raging the night away with me and said that her views are no longer based on media bias, but on her own personal experience. She finds raves to be a constructive experience as well as sends a message that everyone should attend, at least once in their life.

My Takeaway

I have wanted to take my mom to a rave for quite a while, but until recently her work schedule has not allowed her the time to attend. I am very grateful that she had such a fantastic time and is now able to fully grasp why I am so passionate about being a part of the dance music community. As most ravers have never had the opportunity to attend an event with their parent, I am able to say that this has been one of the best festival experiences of my life. It was incredibly rewarding to share this adventure with her and I hope for many more to come!

Would you ever bring your parent to a rave?                                            

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