Swedish House Mafia

Potential Swedish House Mafia Residency with Wynn Nightlife

Until Now Swedish House Mafia (SHM) has kept a tight lid on any dates in the US. However, earlier this week a post on Instagram by Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas gave us hope hinting at a potential residency. The official announcement is coming soon, but stylized in similar manner than the announcements on the DJs social media, which read “WE ARE HOME 1.8.19”, “1.9.19”, and “1.10.19”.

We Are Home 1.8.19
We Are Home 1.9.19.jpg
We Are Home 1.10.19.jpg

It all started almost a year ago during Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Swedish House Mafia reunited to close night 3 of the festival. “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Axwell, this is Sebastian Ingrosso, and this is Steve Angello, and Miami you know that we are the Swedish House Mafia” was announced on stage and we were all very excited to see them back. Over the course of the next months we did not learn much about their plans except for the rumors of a worldwide tour.

Sebastian Ingrosso  Announced 1.8.19

Sebastian Ingrosso

Announced 1.8.19

Steve Angello  Announced 1.9.19

Steve Angello

Announced 1.9.19

Axwell ??? - TBA

Axwell ??? - TBA

Nine different dates have been announced so far, but none in the US. This week on 1.8.19 meant the announcement Sebastian Ingrosso’s residency, along with Steve Angello announced today on 1.9.19. It is safe to say that Axwell will be announced tomorrow. This will put all three in Las Vegas under the same Wynn Nighlife residency, and hopefully a step closer to an official announcement of more tour dates in the US for the Swedish House Mafia.

This story is ongoing, so stay tuned for updates!

Wynn Nightlife has since deleted their posts regarding the three dates for artist release. Axwell was never announced.

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Photo Credit: Wynn Nightlife