Kyle King

Kyle King


An all around lover of music. You can find me listening to everything from Classical to Jazz to Hip-Hop to Hardstyle... I enjoy attending small events and large festivals and I am always in search of experiencing new sights and sounds.
"Festival season never ends if you're willing to travel." 

Gabriela Sanchez

gabriela sanchez


Throughout six years of attending a variety of music festivals, I have discovered new music, people, and a culture that has brought positivity to my mind and soul. My favorite genre of electronic dance music is trance (and all sub-genres included), however, just as easily as you can find me in a State of Trance, you can find me getting down to some tech house. Every year, my goal is to travel to a new festival on my bucket list. I have attended festivals, from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Indio, Vegas, and Miami to name a few, but I have plenty more to go!
“Attending music festivals opens up the mind, frees the soul, and brings out the wild child within!”

Nia GarCIA


Brett Fabina



Let’s face it, music is important in all of our lives.  That’s why you’re reading this and that’s why we’re here.  Music is what brings us together and it always will.  That’s both a powerful and beautiful thing, so let’s take a second to appreciate it. 
To everyone I have met, if you read this, I want you to know you are all incredible and have helped make my life better than I could have ever imagined.  I love you all a ton, thank you. 
“Ask yourself who you want to be, and become that person.  You are always in control of your life, so why grow old with regret?  Follow every dream you have and make them reality.”

Eric DeLeon



I started attending EDM events in 2010, and it changed my life. I'm an Avicii fan, and I love going to music festivals and meeting new people. 
"Party responsibly."

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